Meet the Creative Mind behind the Wool Appliqué Patterns

Discover the Inspiration of the Founder & Designer!

My earliest memory of creating with fabric, is sitting on the floor of my grandma’s home with swatches of fabric samples spread out in front of me.

She gave me some clothes pins, the old kind without the spring. These were my “dolls” and I fashioned clothes by wrapping the fabric swatches around them.

Carrie Buck, Owner and Designer, Carried Away Designs Applique Patterns

I have always had a desire and a need to create. Textiles have long been a passion.

I must have really enjoyed the process, as the memory is very vivid.

My designs are frequently inspired by memories of places.

My grandparents had a small cabin in southern Vermont which I visited during summers. My grandma would take me on walks through the woods, identifying flora and fauna along the way, or a bird when hearing its’ distant song.
From these memories came my quilt design, Sugar Hill, which was the name given to the property paying homage to a sugar house that once stood there.

Carried Away Designs linen-colored table runner with Jacobean red and blue floral pattern at each end with a cup and saucer in the center

I love creating in wool, with the goal of the subject matter being identifiable, but stylized with embroidery using pearl cotton.


My Arthropods quilt design is from memories of a previous home

…where the perimeters of the property were left to naturalize, and was home to a bluebird trail.

My early evening entertainment was sitting on the front porch, listening to the orchestra of insects and watching the birds, butterflies and bees.

With each pattern, I’ll show you how to …

Arthropod and Floral Wool Applique Quilt Block of the Month Subscription designed and made by Carried Away Designs
B20 Wool Appliqué Quilt with nine wildlife blocks designed by Carried Away Designs

About Carrie

After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in studio arts, concentrating in ceramics, drawing, and fiber, Carrie joined the art fair circuit selling a line of hand painted clothing.

After starting a family and choosing to stay home, she pursued a career in watercolors by taking classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art. After a few years she began selling her work and in 2002 she designed a line of Ohio Bicentennial Barn stationary.

Carrie returned to the world of fiber and art shows in 2006 by selling wool appliqué purses and tote bags made from wool she dyed herself. Soon after she began marketing her designs as patterns for others to create. 

Carrie enjoys bicycling, hiking, camping, and gardening, which often serve as sources of inspiration for her designs. Carrie resides in the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio.